Persuasive Technology will have 4 adjunct workshops in 2024:

  1. Algorithmic Behavior Change Support (ALBECS-2024)
  2. Personalizing Persuasive Technologies Workshop (PPT2024)
  3. Data & Design Education and Practice: Changing behavior through data-driven design (DDEP 2024)
  4. Behavior Change Support Systems (BCSS 2024)

Algorithmic Behavior Change Support (ALBECS-2024)

This workshop brings together researchers, designers, developers, practitioners, and educators who are interested in the concept, development, evaluation, and impact of algorithmic behavior change support. Thus, while the Persuasive Technology conference considers all forms of technology, the focus of this workshop is on algorithms (e.g., based on logistic regression, reinforcement learning, recommender systems) that support behavior change. We are thereby interested in algorithms at both the macro level (i.e., which are part of behavior change applications) and the micro level (i.e., which support forms of behavior change as part of a technology that has a goal other than behavior change). We explicitly invite participants from various backgrounds such as artificial intelligence, human-computer interaction, psychology, medical practice, and ethics of technology to contribute their perspectives and experiences.

Please see:

Nele Albers1, Amal Abdulrahman1, Deborah Richards2, Caroline Figueroa1, Bibhas Chakraborty3,4, Ananya Bhattacharjee5, Linwei He6, Mark A. Neerincx1, Joseph Jay Williams5, Nezih Younsi7,  Tibor Bosse8, Annemiek Linn9, Crystal Smit10, and  Willem-Paul Brinkman1
1 Delft University of Technology, Netherlands
2 Macquarie University, Australia
3 National University of Singapore, Singapore
4 Duke University, United States of America
5 University of Toronto, Canada
6 Tilburg University, Netherlands
7 Sorbonne University, France
8 Radboud University, Netherlands
9 University of Amsterdam, Netherlands
10 Erasmun University Rotterdam, Netherlands


Personalizing Persuasive Technologies Workshop (PPT2024)

Building on the success of the workshop in the past eight years, which attracted 100s of participants from over 20 different countries and led to a special issue and archived proceedings, this year’s workshop on Personalizing Persuasive Technologies aims to connect diverse groups of persuasive technology and behavior change researchers and practitioners interested in personalization and tailoring of persuasive technologies to share their experiences, ideas, discuss key challenges facing the area, identify opportunities, and define a roadmap for future research in this area. We welcome submissions and ideas from any domain of persuasive technology and HCI, including, but not limited to, health, sustainability, education, entertainment, games, marketing, eCommerce, social media, safety, and security. Workshop papers and ideas will be archived online to be accessible to the general public.

Submissions due: February 26, 2024
Notification to authors: March 12, 2024
Final version due: April 2, 2024
Workshop: April 19, 2024
Notification to authors: March 12, 2024
Final version due: April 2, 2024
Workshop: April 19, 2024

Please see:

Ifeoma Adaji1, Kiemute Oyibo2, Rita Orji3, Jaap Ham4, Alaa Alslaity3, Chinenye Ndulue3
1 University of British Columbia, Canada
2 York University, Canada
3 Dalhousie University, Canada
4 Eindhoven University of Technology, Netherlands


Data & Design Education and Practice: Changing behavior through data-driven design (DDEP 2024)

In today’s rapidly evolving industrial landscape, data-driven design stands as a transformative force, shaping innovation and directing the trajectory of technology and business. With the unprecedented growth in data collection and analytics capabilities, our ability to harness this data has never been more critical. We find ourselves on the brink of a new era, where data-driven design transcends mere buzzwords, becoming a pivotal tool for catalyzing positive change.

As an adjunct workshop of the 19th International Conference on Persuasive Technology, our event serves as a complementary platform to the main conference, focusing specifically on the synergy between data-driven design education and behavior change. We will present case studies and best practices of data-driven education programs and its current and potential applications on driving meaningful change. Our goal is to provide a forum where researchers, designers, and industry leaders can converge, exchange insights, and chart a course toward a future where data-driven design becomes a catalyst for transformative habit and behavior change.

Please see:

Yuichi Washida1, Minyuan Ma2, Michael Björn3, Nanami Furue1, Wenzhen Xu1
1 Data Design Program, Hitotsubashi University, Tokyo, Japan
2 Art Center, National Cheng Kung University, Tainan, Taiwan
3 ConsumerLab, Ericsson, Greater Malmö, Sweden


Behavior Change Support Systems (BCSS 2024)

Behavior Change Support Systems (BCSS), already running for the 12th time at Persuasive Technology, is a conference that builds around the concept of systems specifically designed to help and support behavior change in individuals or groups. The highly multidisciplinary nature of designing and implementing behavior change support strategies and systems for the strategies has been at the forefront of this conference from the very beginning.

Please see:

Harri Oinas-Kukkonen1, Sriram Iyengar2, Sharon Nabwire1, Elena Vlahu-Gjorgievska3
1University of Oulu, Finland
2University of Arizona, United States
3University of Wollongong, Australia