Accepted Papers

Full Papers
Joseph Orji, Gerry Chan and Rita OrjiSmileApp: The design and evaluation of an mHealth app for Stress Reduction through Artificial Intelligence and Persuasive Technology
Fidelia Orji, Francisco J. Gutierrez and Julita VassilevaExploring the influence of persuasive strategies on student motivation: self-determination theory perspective
Yonas Deressa Guracho, Susan J. Thomas, Nawaf Almutairi and Khin Than WinPersuasive System Design Features for Mobile Mental Health Applications
Tasneem Naheyan and Kiemute OyiboThe Effect of Dark Patterns and User Knowledge on User Experience, Decision Making and Website Reputation
Katherine Hopman and Deborah RichardsAn Embodied Conversational Agent to Support Wellbeing After Injury: Insights from a Stakeholder Inclusive Design Approach
Donghuo Zeng, Roberto Legaspi, Yuewen Sun, Xinshuai Dong, Kazushi Ikeda, Peter Spirtes and Kun ZhangCounterfactual Reasoning Using Predicted Latent Personality Dimensions for Optimizing Persuasion Outcome
Selin Gurgun, Muaadh Noman, Emily Arden-Close, Keith Phalp and Raian AliHow would I be perceived if I challenge individuals sharing misinformation? Exploring misperceptions in the UK and Arab samples and the potential for the social norms approach
Chinenye Ndulue and Rita OrjiExploring the Influence of Game Framing and Gamer Types on the Effectiveness of Persuasive Games
Yasin Afşin and Tuğba Taşkaya TemizelHarnessing Large Language Models for Automatic Evaluation of Mobile Health Applications based on Persuasive System Design Principles and Mobile Application Rating Scale
Felwah Alqahtani and Rita OrjiExploring the Effectiveness of Employing a Single Versus Multiple Behaviour Change Strategies in Persuasive Mental Health Applications
Martin Dierikx, Nele Albers, Bouke L. Scheltinga and Willem-Paul BrinkmanCollaboratively Setting Daily Step Goals with a Virtual Coach: Using Reinforcement Learning to Personalize Initial Proposals
Ryunosuke Togawa, Roberto Legaspi, Yasutaka Nishimura, Akihiro Miyamoto, Bo Yang, Eriko Sugisaki, Kazushi Ikeda, Nao Kobayashi and Yasushi NaruseEstimating Sense of Agency from Behavioral Logs of Smartphones and Wearable Devices: Toward a Just-in-Time Adaptive Intervention System
Sarthak Giri, Henna Hyypiö and Harri Oinas-KukkonenExploring Self-competition as a Viable Motivation to Promote Healthy Behavior
Waraporn Chumkasian, Elena Vlahu-Gjorgievska, Mark Freeman, Ritin Fernandez, Con Petsoglou, Heidi Green and Khin Than WinDesign and Development of mHealth App: Eye Donor Aust


Short Papers
Peter Ruijten, Ruud Hortensius, Jin Smeding and Jaap HamHow the role of a persuasive robot impacts one’s attitude towards it
Rio Harada and Kaoru SumiPersuasive Technology through Behavior and Emotion with Pet-type Artifacts
Muhammad Hassan Ali Bajwa, Deborah Richards and Paul FormosaPredicting Ethical Orientation based on Personality for Tailored Cyberethics Training
Sussan Anukem, Chinenye Ndulue and Rita OrjiDROP DASH: A Persuasive Mobile Game to Promote Healthy Hydration Choices Using Machine Learning
Bakhtiar Sadeghi, Deborah Richards, Paul Formosa and Michael HitchensExperiential Learning or direct training: Fostering ethical cybersecurity decision-making via serious games
Eunice Eno Yaa Frimponmaa Agyei, Markku Kekkonen and Harri Oinas-KukkonenEvaluating the Persuasive Potential from Software Design Specification
Saleh Altuwayrib, Mark Freeman, Nawaf Almutairi and Khin Than WinPersuasive design principles for a medication adherence app for chronic arthritis conditions
Renata de Oliveira and Harri Oinas-KukkonenPersuasive System Design in Diabetes Management: A Scoping Review


Extended Abstracts
Bhakti Mehta, Manisha Pathak Shelat and Arpan YagnikNegotiating Creativity amidst Interactive Marketing: Understanding Persuasion Tactics of Virtual Influencer Marketing from a Developer’s Perspective
Vivienne Guan and Khin Than WinA novel mobile app prototype for personalised guidance on food choices leveraging persuasive technology
Steven Davis, Mirela Stjelja and Dragana CalicPersuasive Technology in Defence and National Security
Lana Edwards, Mirela Stjelja, Dragana Calic and Steven DavisExploring Persuasive Tools to Enhance Digital Resilience to Misinformation: A Qualitative Study
Nilufar BaghaeiCo-Designing Persuasive Virtual Reality Supermarkets for Practicing Activities of Daily Living
Yonit Rusho, Ganit Richter and Daphne RabanPersuasive AR Technology for Information Producers
Sameha Alshakhsi, Areej Babiker, Dena Al-Thani, Christian Montag and Raian AliComparing the Impact of Social Proof and Freedom of Choice on Attitudes toward AI
Selin Gurgun, Emily Arden-Close, Keith Phalp and Raian AliWhen certain persuasive techniques fail to prompt users to challenge misinformation: Lessons learnt